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What terrible thing happens when flies land on your meat?

03/06/2019 | Food safety
Everyone was taught not to put flies on food. But what about the beans? You dropped the whole plate, or chased flies away ... continue eating?
Imagine this: Go into a restaurant, order a plate of fragrant and (slightly) expensive food, like curry, kebab or spaghetti. But then all of a sudden, a fly came from somewhere, landing straight down on the tip of the biggest piece of meat as if that place was its place.
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No wonder the fly, because that's what it is! The old teacher taught, "natural as flies" that! But the question for you is: How many people will give up the plate of food to the fly, or will it drive away and continue to eat?
Probably most of us have chosen the second option. Although still taught from childhood: never put flies on food, but it has just a bit of beans, just continue to eat. Besides, sorry for the money ...

And in fact, most people in the world too. According to a 2014 survey in the US, experts asked a question: "If you were in a restaurant, which animal would make you lose your slippers: Mouse, cockroach, fly, ant, or .. . snake?!". The result is that 61% chose cockroaches, the rest favor mice. Only a few are afraid of flies.

However, the chance is that you should start to be afraid, because ...

The amount of flies bacteria brings twice as much as cockroaches

And it's true! Scientists say the actual amount of flies can be almost twice as much as a cockroach, though it may not look very similar.

What is the reason? Because flies are more dirty than you think. They eat the most horrible things you can think of: trash, animal scraps, and even half.

This process "helps" the bacteria spread to each of the flies' leg hairs, and so they carry the pathogen away.

... They can also "throw away" or go WC right on your piece of meat

Not to mention, unlike cockroaches, flies cannot chew. Instead, they release some enzymes that break down food into liquid and then slurp. Then when they land on food, they may vomit, or even go ... WC right on your piece of meat. Kinh can not stand it.

However, those vomiting actually not very harmful. What is harmful is the number of bacteria they carry. In just 1 second, millions of bacteria on the fly's legs and fuzz will immediately move to whatever it lands on.

For those who do not know, flies can carry many dangerous pathogens such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid ... And the possibility of it being transmitted to humans is extremely high.

That's it, do you still dare to fly around your plate of food? Leave a comment!

Source: Discovery

 Key: Food Safety

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