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VITLAB pipeo® VITLAB pipeo® VITLAB pipeo®
Code: 1631500
Manufacturer: Vitlab - Germany
1631500 Glassware, Plasticware Quantity: 0 cái

VITLAB pipeo®

  • VITLAB pipeo®
    Code: 1631500
    Manufacturer: Vitlab - Germany

For all pipettes from 0.1 to 200 ml.

With the VITLAB pipeo® pipette controller, pipette handling is simple and comfortable. The ergonomic handle – very light weight at about 190 grams – and excellent balance all contribute to ease of operation. The speed can be adjusted easily, continuously and exactly with one hand using two buttons. A 50 ml pipette can be filled comfortably in less than ten seconds. The liquid release can be done either by gravity delivery when calibrated ‘Ex’ (to deliver), or in blow out mode using the battery-operated motor.

Pipettes are held securely and tightly in the exchangeable adapter. Liquid vapours are purged directly to protect the instrument.

One full charge of the nickel-metal hydride battery allows 8 hours of non-stop pipetting.
The charge level of the recyclable battery is shown by the LED indicator. Defective batteries are easily replaced. To avoid surprises, the LED indicator changes from green to red two hours before the battery must be recharged. The VITLAB pipeo®can still be operated while the battery is being recharged.

Included in delivery

VITLAB pipeo®, battery charger (100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz), 4 plug adapters (EU, UK, US/J, AUS), battery, battery compartment cover, two replacement 0.2 μm membrane filters and operating manual.

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